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Assalamu Alaikum Whisper.com is a Bangladesh based social media platform. It is from Bangladesh but can be a member from any country in the world. It is owned by Shamim Reza Rainbow and Saem Reza. We have set this medium up with a noble purpose and do not know how successful I will be. Our purpose is to devote one third of the wealth earned from it to the poor. We want to help some people in the country, even though we are dependent on others in hopes of having one meal at a time, with no one in the world to see. It is my moral and religious responsibility to help such people. In addition, some of the educated unemployed are employed in our institution.You can also join us as a member. If you like our initiative and purpose, join us today and let your friends know about our platform. Finally, I pray for all of you. Remember that all of us guests in the world may have to leave at any time so do some good work before leaving so that you can be happy in the world and in the Hereafter.